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Maximizing and optimizing the Social Security income election for your client is only the first step. Layer on the Retirement Road Map to assess and position Retirement assets to meet your clients financial planning needs.

Social Security Pro - Social Security software provides you the answers for your clients’ and prospects’ questions in a matter of minutes. Social Security Pro gives you a simpler way to apply the thousands of Social Security rules to your client’s goals. Help your client make smarter social security decisions.

Map Your Solution - Retirees have a lot of challenges and expectations for their retirement years. With a Retirement Road Map you can map a path toward your clients’ retirement destination. The software focuses on your client's assets and income and how the funds can best work for them.

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Feature Social Security Pro Retirement Roadmap
Social Security claiming maximization
All 567 married couples calculations
Single, widow, & divorce calculations
Spousal & survivor benefits
Patented user interface
Strategy comparisons
Non-covered pensions-WEP & GPO capability
Step-by-Step filing instructions
30-minute weekly training webinars
Technical phone support
Import SS election from Pro
Key in SS election from other software
Manually set client SS election
Enter retirement expenses
Enter qualified retirement assets
Enter non-qualified plan assets
Time Horizon Retirement Planning
Identify income needs & gaps
Input annuity solution
Input life insurance solution
Visual Income & legacy planning tool
Consultative asset gathering tool