New Business Tips

We want to make doing business with the insurance carriers as easy as possible.

We highly recommend submitting all new business paperwork to our office for review and we will administer the processing with the insurance carriers.

Please mail all new business paperwork to:
Retirement Designers
3181 Linwood Avenue, Suite 22
Cincinnati, Ohio 45208

  • New Business Forms - be sure to use the correct version of each form based on the state in which the paperwork is signed and that the paperwork is current with the carrier being written.
  • Product Training - carrier specific product training must be completed prior to dating the applications.
  • Dating - signature dates should be the same on all forms for both the client and the agent.
  • Changes - if any sections are scratched out, the client and/or the agent must initial the change. Whiteout CAN’T be used on any of the forms.
  • Transfer Paperwork - if there are multiple transfers for a case - please complete a transfer form for each transfer. For all transfer cases - please include the transfer company’s street address and phone number on the Transfer/Rollover form. Do not use PO Boxes for the mailing address.
  • Replacement - A replacement notice must be completed for all cases involving a replacement. Companies vary based on requirements for replacement forms. There are states where the cases may not be a replacement and the replacement form is still mandatory.
  • Suitability - please ensure the client has liquid funds available and that all fields on the suitability form are completed. As a general rule, the annuity percentage as a ratio should be less than 50% of the client’s net worth.
  • Trust Owned Case - if a trust is associated with the case – please either complete the company trust paperwork or obtain a copy of the trust to be sent in with the paperwork. Ensure all owner signatures are followed by trustee.